“Let food be thy medicine...” -Hippocrates

Our biological bodies are assembled from and fueled by the food we eat, after the gut microbiome processes it for us. We live in an age where much of our food is grown in nutrient-deficient soils, where subsidized chemical warfare is called “traditional farming”, where antibiotics which decimate our essential gut microbiota are prescribed frivolously, and where we are systematically and unrelentingly bombarded with misinformation about food by corporate marketing and big-ag-and-big-pharma-funded studies. There are often added psychological, social, and ecological costs hidden in these food practices, which further tax our wellbeing. In spite of all this, the human organism is incredibly resilient; which is, of course, wonderful. But it can also make it even more challenging to decipher what truly healthy eating means.

We believe eating predominantly plant-based, whole foods — locally, organically, and ethically grown by regenerative agricultural practices which ensure the soil (and thereby the food) are nutrient-and-life-dense — is an essential part of a holistic approach to health and happiness. We offer holistic, plant-based nutrition coaching, cooking lessons, cooking recipes, and catering.


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