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Contemplative Counseling

Contemplative Counseling is a dynamic holistic therapy, for body, mind, and spirit, inspired by somatics, contemplative psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology.


For individuals, couples, families, and communities. 

"I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be working with Alex. I was able to open up things to him that I have rarely (or ever) spoken aloud, as his loving presence and support makes me feel heard, understood, accepted, and calm. His vast understanding of ancient sacred teachings, clear articulation, and wisdom has immensely helped me to create a powerful intention for my life and well-being. I feel like I know myself with more depth and clarity. I highly recommend Alex’s work."
- Lyndsey


We all have natural capacities for compassion, for joy, and for love, and we can develop these.


These capacities are often covered over by the destructive emotions that we experience, like feelings of separation, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression, lack and anger.

These destructive emotions, like unwanted turbulence, keep us tossing in cycles of suffering. 

Through our work together, we can transform our relationship with our emotions so they become creative forces for positive action which benefits ourselves and those we are in relationship with - which is everyone.


What a session looks like depends on what your interests are and what you are experiencing. This will emerge as we are working together.


The heart of our work together will be talking as dialectics. There could be embodiment exercises or meditative techniques for accessing emotions, gaining perspective, and navigating difficult situations with more skill - and increasing your capacity to do that on your own and in relationship. Depending on your interest we can also explore various contemplative practices, traditions, or philosophies, or altered state therapies. And there will always be some psycho-education, so that you know more about yourself and the way your mind and body work. 

If you are working with your partner, family or community, there may be conflict resolution processes.


Contemplative Counseling is informed and influenced by:

contemplative psychotherapy

buddhist psychology

contemplative psychology

mindfulness and compassion-based meditation practices

contemporary psychotherapy

current neuropsychology

somatic psychotherapy


sustainable and regenerative lifestyle

social justice


trauma-informed care

healing-centered care


indigenous wisdom and healing

transpersonal psychology

altered-state therapy


yoga psychology

hatha yoga philosophy

and more


I am currently working with clients remotely via Zoom or similar platform. 


Please set up a free initial discussion to see if we are good fit for each other.