To be in the presence of a horse is so humbling. They are the symbol of power, and yet can embody gentleness and affection. They can feel what’s on your heart, even when you won’t. And they respond accordingly.

The bond you develop together is a quintessence of harmony. It is empowering. Our primal need for connection which is often obfuscated by our post-modern lives can be reawakened and strengthened through this special relationship.

Coco has spent more than two decades riding, training, and caring for horses. She has been an avid advocate for the enriching potential of harmonious human-animal relationships. Since beginning her training as a yoga educator more than a decade ago, she has realized her love for working one-on-one with others. Now, she is passionate about sharing the empowering connection that can be discovered with a horse, which has so filled her life. She easily and naturally works with others to help them connect with horses on a deep level that most of us have forgotten we are capable of.


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