Coco and Alex are dedicated to exploring and sharing holistic healing arts.

They emphasize personal development, social engagement, and harmonious lifestyle as means to develop the art of happiness, and of opening to Love.


Yoga | Equine-Assisted Coaching | Chef

Coco is a Healing-Centered Yoga teacher and equine-assisted coach who strives to live an empowered life with authenticity, and to cultivate inner peace. She believes that we are each responsible for our own happiness; and yet, it is only together that this can come to flourish. 

Coco has studied yoga intensively for thirteen years; learning from and assisting many of the world’s most renowned and cherished teachers. She has traveled the world sharing the art of living yoga for many years. She is on a continuous journey of blooming growth, inspiring others to live harmoniously with nature and each other. 

Coco is also a passionate chef-de-cuisine. She integrates energy medicine, holistic plant-based nutrition, and regenerative resourcing to produce rich, abundant, sustainable, delectable nourishment.


She enjoys frolicking through the forest with her dear horse Latigo, stewarding the land au naturel, and receiving daily body-whispering. 


Yoga | Spiritual Counseling | Body-Whispering

Alex is devoted to exploring and sharing holistic healing arts, the art of happiness, and the wisdom of Nature — toward individual and collective transformation into harmony, thriving, and joy.

He takes a transdisciplinary approach, with extra-special interests in:

ecology, ecopsychology, Nature conservation, contemplative psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, hatha yoga, somatic psychology, manual medicine, ethnomedicine, psychonautics, biophysics, social justice, happiness economics, regenerative lifestyle, and agroforestry.



He is a fledgling educator, coach, Body-Whisperer, and a co-creator of Healing Voyage, LLC and Healing-Centered Yoga.


He enjoys reading sacred texts, chanting, playing his guitar in the forest, adventuring with friends, and spending time with his delightful partner.


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