healing & thriving through

Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy & Coaching

and Holistic Healing Arts

for persons, couples, families, groups & communities

contemplative | somatic | trauma-informed

transpersonal | psychedelic | depth hypnosis

embodied social justice | eco | nutritional psych

osteopathic | visceral | neural | craniosacral

Therapist, Orator, Humxn

I believe embodying love is the most valuable and meaningful endeavor, and that this requires ongoing reflection, healing, and humility.


I specialize in helping people who are looking to move into embodying love, and to live an integrated life -- one that honors all levels of Being: ecological, social, lifestyle, body, mind, spirit, and beyond. If you are interested in the deep work required to engage in radical love and justice, within yourself and in relation with others, it is my honor and privilege to hold space, serve, and support you in that journey.


"Trauma colors our experience as long as it is there.
It disrupts the seamless integration of mind and body and causes us to feel fragmented.
To heal is to integrate, to return to an embodied, felt-sense of wholeness.
To have another hold us in a safe space, to see us, and to feel with us,
unlocks our own inner healing."

- Rev. Alex Widas, LMT, CHT, CDHP


"Alex is wise beyond their years. I recommend them to anyone on the path of Consciousness as a truly masterful teacher who walks the talk and lives from the heart."

- Wewer Keohane, PhD
Artist | Author | Depth Psychology

"Alex has a better understanding of human anatomy than anyone I have ever met. This allows them to troubleshoot complicated problems that others might not be able to pinpoint. Within a few months, they were able to help me with longstanding issues that scores of other body workers had not been able to address effectively."

- Isa Gucciardi, Ph. D.
Author | Teacher

"I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be working with Alex. I was able to open up things to them that I have rarely (or ever) spoken aloud, as their loving presence and support makes me feel heard, understood, accepted, and calm. Their vast understanding of ancient sacred teachings, clear articulation, and wisdom has immensely helped me to create a powerful intention for my life and well-being. I feel like I know myself with more depth and clarity. I highly recommend Alex’s work."
- Lyndsey